Going green is not just about being environmentally friendly as we move towards the future; it also means there is an alternative approach to cost savings in running your business operations too. An increasing number of enterprises are looking to greener initiatives, and looking to I.T. organisations to help them reduce corporate energy consumption and become more environmentally responsible.

Environmental responsibility is emerging as an important topic, from individuals to the corporate business arena and their technology suppliers. Right now going 'GREEN' has become a strong focus of the corporate I.T. arena, driven by a combination of cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, and corporate responsibility motivations.

As the small & medium enterprise (SME) continue to adopt green principles, they'll take another look at technologies that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, both within their information & communications technology infrastructure and their systems and across the business. Enterprises going green will give a nudge to technology markets such as collaboration, virtualisation, thin-client systems, and data center outsourcing.

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